1 ) Worldwide Cooking
The different cultures of the world to know different traditional cutting techniques for the preparation of their dishes . Exclusive Kitchenware underwent a variety of these techniques in-depth studies in order to finally produce the most efficient and professional knives can . Thanks to this specially designed knife a safe, traditional and hygienic preparation of all your dishes , nothing stands in the way.

2) Properties
2a . The material used
Exclusive Kitchenware uses only the finest materials that convey not only class , but simple in the care and safe to handle for his knife. Exclusive Kitchenware developed a unique technology to produce extremely professional , surgically sharp and very light blades . Also, the composition and structure of rustproof stainless steel was paid special attention. A good structure of the stainless steel guarantees the lasting sharpness of the knife. These professional kitchen knives are designed for a lifetime use .

2b. Parts of the knife
1 blade
The blade is the foremost part of the blade that cuts the ingredients your meal .
The secret of the high quality of our knives in the composition of the stainless steel for the blade. The better the material used , the finer the blade ! Thanks to the extraordinary cutting ability , you can cut through with ease every fiber of vegetables , meat, fish or fruit . Cheap stainless steel knife squeeze the ingredients cut too much. This much is lost in flavor and fiber.
Each type has its own knife blade. So the blade of a Filiermessers is flexible, while the one Hackbeils is big and strong . Always bear in mind that the material of the blade can oxidize on contact with certain vegetables and fruits .
Each blade has a cutting surface. For different ways of cooking different cutting surfaces are required.

2 knob
The pommel is the seamless transition from blade to handle . It increases the life of the blade and protects your fingers while cutting.

3 Handle
Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of handles.
Our ergonomic handles increase safety during cutting. You always have good grip, even with wet or greasy handles.

3 ) Care and cleaning of the knife
3a . Washing by hand :
The rinsing by hand is still the best way to clean your knives .
If you are looking to use the same with hot water rinse your knife and dry with a soft, dry cloth , you will have no problems. Never use detergents with citric acid.
Clean to cause your knife with a damp cloth or even better shammy no scratches.
Dry the blade with a soft kitchen cloth.
With most knives , you can remove any scratches or dull spots with a polishing cloth and so get the perfect condition of the blade in the long run .
Keep your knives best in a knife block or suitcase on . These meet all safety requirements , protect the cut surface and stand guarantee for hygiene and comfort . Also, the ground on which you cut, has an impact on how long a knife stays sharp . Cutting boards with a soft surface to receive the cutting ability of your knife . Also, knife blocks and cutting boards require proper care in order not to compromise the quality of your knife .

3b. Dishwasher:
The dishwasher is a far more aggressive form of cleaning than washing up by hand , because the detergents used in this case of strong chemical compounds are composed .
These chemicals are long and at high temperatures on the knife, so that it can eventually lead to stains and corrosion. You can avoid this by following the instructions below .
1 ) Before you wash a knife in the dishwasher , you should free it well under running water of food scraps . To prevent the action of saline substances.

2) Always place the knife with the blade up into the dishwasher. Thus, the rinse water can run off better and stains can be prevented.

3) Several cutters may not touch each other . Pay particular attention to the fact that knives are always mixed with other cutlery . To prevent the formation of spots and dots .

4) The Abspülprodukte , the water softener and the salt dose always follow the instructions on the packaging. Never mix different Abspülprodukte , if this is not provided. We recommend the use of branded products !

5) At the end of the wash cycle the blades absorb directly from the dishwasher and dry with a clean, dry kitchen towel.

6) Check the knife on food residues and remove them if necessary the same.

3c. grind
Each high-quality knife will lose after some time of intensive use of sharpness . Therefore developed Exclusive Kitchenware a unique sharpening steel , which achieved remarkable results - for all your knives and scissors.
This sharpening steel is extremely strong yet light , which simplifies the loops .
Thanks to the unique design of this sharpening steel your knives are sharp again in no time .
There are two ways to grind your knife :

Take the sharpening steel heavily in the left hand and put him vertically on a stable surface on .
Now take the knife with the tip 20 ° to 25 ° upwards in the right hand.
Move the knife, as if you would try to cut off a piece of the steel. Start here with the handle and pull the cut surface to the tip on the steel. Practice in grinding from not too much pressure.
The grinding of the blade is only useful when both sides of the blade are ground over the entire length.